Crochet Camera Bags


Red Camera Bag @SuzBroadhurst


Working in the Oval

It’s like working in the round, but beginning with a long chain – instead of into a loop – the round makes an oval at first.  As you add oval-y rounds, it resembles a canoe.  After a few rounds, you will see the bag shape evolve.  The initial chain becomes the bottom of the bag – no seams to sew!  🙂


Basic Camera Bag Pattern

Chain as wide as your camera, plus 2 ch.

Rnd 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, and every st across.  Don’t turn.

Working along bottom of chain, sc in each st across.  Sl st to first sc.   (This makes the initial oval.)

Rnd 2:  Ch 2.  Sc in each sc around.  Sl st to top of beginning ch-2.

Rnd 3, etc:  Repeat Rnd 2 until the bag is a bit longer than your camera – about 3 rows past the top of your camera.  Tuck camera in bag to test size.

Open Weave Rnd to Insert Drawstring:  Ch 3.  Skip 1 st.  Sc in next st.  *Ch 1.  Sk 1 st.  Sc in next st.*  Repeat ** until you reach the beginning of the round.  Sl st into 2nd ch of beginning ch-3.

Ruffle:  Ch 2.  Sc in ch 1 sp.  Ch 2.  Sc in same sp.  *Ch 2.  Sc in next ch1 sp.  Ch 2.  Sc in same sp.* until you reach the beginning of the round.  Sl st into top of beginning ch-2.

Drawstring:  Chain as long as you need to go around bag, plus about 6 inches.  Weave in and out of spaces below the ruffle.  Loosen bag top.  Tie drawstring in a knot at the front or the side.


Blue Camera Bag @SuzBroadhurst

Jazz It Up


This basic bag can be jazzed up quite easily.  Just add crocheted button eyes and beak or a nose or a trunk.

Here’s the flamingo camera bag I made for my daughter:

Flamingo Camera Bag @SuzBroadhurst

Happy Crocheting!


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