Desperate Homeschooler

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Mondays are for Homeschooling


I am a desperate homeschooler.

I am not a college graduate master of education.  I’m a mom.  A homeschooler.  A desperate homeschooler.


Often Desperate

I could never have homeschooled on my own. I was/am often desperate:

  • For my Heavenly Father’s constant companionship (even when I was/am less than companionable).
  • For His Son, Jesus’ forgiveness, His cleansing, His gentle hand under my chin lifting my eyes back to His face.
  • For the Holy Spirit, guiding, disciplining, teaching and getting me out of bed on days when the comfort of a morning sun-warmed quilt trumped the grimaces of alphabetization lessons.

We need Him so desperately.  Are we desperate for Him, homeschool moms?  If we’re not, we need Him more desperately than we know.



“Can I Say Pray?”  Yes and No.

Years ago when math lessons were still easy, I stepped away from writing for a homeschool publication when they asked me not to mention God except in a general sense.

I could say “I pray,” but I couldn’t suggest that others should. Or even that others should consider it.

And the name of Jesus just wasn’t kosher. In the editorial sense, I mean.

His name isn’t general enough, they said.  It doesn’t reach a wide audience. (Huh?  Have you read John 3:16?)

I was encouraged to encourage homeschoolers through my writing, but how could I point people to the source of encouragement without pointing them to the Source?

He longs to walk with us through the changing tenses of verbs, through the many steps of long division, through the many stages of repetition parenting.

He longs to walk with us through life.  And He wants you to know He wants to help.

That’s why He wrote.  Smile

Bye for now


REALITY CHECK:  Some days I recognize my desperation more than others.

This post contains affiliate links.


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