Don’t Take Down the Christmas Tree – Make it a St Patrick’s Day Tree


March Christmas Tree @SuzBroadhurst

Last year, we left our Christmas tree up all year.  On purpose.  🙂  Each month or so, my daughter and I gathered art supplies and various doodads from around the house and occasionally the dollar store, turning our Christmas tree into a Year Round Holiday Tree.


Our March Tree

When it’s green, it’s gotta be good.

My daddy loved green.  My son loves green.  I love my daddy.  I love my son.  And I do like green.  And I hate snakes.  (+1 for Indiana Jones and St. Patrick)


Irish Hedgie @SuzBroadhurst

Have you read Jan Brett’s books about Hedgie, the Hedgehog?  We all love Hedgie!   Jan has activities and coloring pages and more on her website for easy Hedgehog decorating.

I’ll be posting our Year Round Holiday Trees with simple decorating ideas throughout the year, so be sure to sign up for the email updates!


Reminder of …

What do I love most about our Year Round Holiday Tree?  

I love the reminder of the cross.

We put them on our Valentine Tree to remind us of the Father’s love.  And I just couldn’t take it down when March rolled around.


It's All About Him @SuzBroadhurst

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