Crochet Spring Flowers Wreath


Spring Wreath Ready for Door @SuzBroadhurst


I love to celebrate the seasons.  And this spring, for some reason, I especially would like pastel pretties around the house.

So when my friend, Priscilla, shared a photo of a beautiful May Roses wreath with a note saying something to the effect:  You can do this!  I thought, I should do that!

I am so thankful for my friends who say, “You can do this.”  It’s nice to be able to “can.”

So, I started making flowers.

Flowers @SuzBroadhurst

Then I bought a vine wreath ($1 at the local dollar store) and began the spring-y wrap.

It was quite easy.  I made a chain that could wrap around the wreath and almost but not quite meet at the back.  Then I single crocheted (sc) back and forth, changing colors as often as I liked and in no particular pattern, except that which I liked.

Vine Wreath Base @SuzBroadhurst

I decided to tie the wrap in various spots around the back of the wreath, rather than sew it on permanently,  so I only have to have one vine wreath.  It’s not so much about the money – at $1 a pop I could buy one for each season – but it’s storage that gets a cottage dweller in trouble.   This way, I can store the seasonal wraps, but not have to worry about storing or crushing the form inside.

Once the wrap was wrapped, I started placing the flowers here and there, attaching them with a length of yarn and tucking in the wild ends.


Attaching the Flowers @SuzBroadhurst

It needed a loop for hanging, so I crocheted a chain and tied it on the top, in the back, tucking in those wild ends once again.


A Loop for Hanging @SuzBroadhurst

My door gets to see this side …


Wreath Reverse Side @SuzBroadhurst


And we get to see this side.  It makes me smile every time I see it!


Welcome!  @SuzBroadhurst


Many thanks to Lucy at Attic 24 for the inspiration (and basic instructions) and to Priscilla for sharing this wreath – and life’s seasons – with me.

You ladies made my springtime special!  And it’s not even officially spring yet!  🙂

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