Mystery of History: Roman Empire

Build a Marshmallow Catapult  TIP: Use Lots of Tape @SuzBroadhurst


Our Mystery of History homeschool co-op studies have brought us to the Roman Empire, a challenging subject for young elementary students and their go-easy-on-their-souls teacher.  So, we built marshmallow catapults and showed the world how the Romans did all that conquering.

For your teaching pleasure, I asked my son, Grant, to help recreate our catapult creation and battle, since *someone* <ahem, I> forgot the camera on class day.

You forgot what???  Ready, Aim @SuzBroadhurst (and that's what he did!)


You’ll need:

  • a box
  • a plastic spoon
  • tape – lots of tape, or at least some really good sticky tape
  • mini marshmallows
  • one or more Roman soldiers
  • a target (Class was divided into two conquering armies.  Grant aimed at his mom.)

First, tape the spoon to the edge of the box.  You’ll need more tape than this.  Plenty more, if your tape is like our tape.

Tape Spoon to Box @SuzBroadhurst

Give the box some height either by a) using a box with height, or b) turning it on its side.
A Roman medal of honor to Co-op Mom, Becka, for coming up with the brilliant turn-it-on-its-side strategy!

Give it Height @SuzBroadhurst

        Gather the ammo.

A Man and His Ammo @SuzBroadhurstThey’re marshmallows, dude.

Marshmallow Ammunition

        Load the catapult.
          Or, in the words of a 7-year old class member (female, I might add):

Ammo Me!Load @SuzBroadhurst

Fire.  And fire again!  And again!

Until you run out of ammo …


Catapult Ammo:  What do you mean, "There's no more marshmallows"? @SuzBroadhurst


Many thanks to my son, Grant for helping – and humoring – me in the photographing of this demonstration.  Although … he didn’t look very miserable in the making.   Smile

Many Thanks @SuzBroadhurst

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