Crochet Spring Liner for Out-the-Door Doodads Basket


What to do with your favorite Christmas basket when springtime pops around the calendar?

Crochet a liner in spring-y colors!

Spring Basket Liner @SuzBroadhurst

My deep red basket with Santa-red velvet liner and bobbly white fluff balls just didn’t look right in my living by the end of January.  But I hated to give it up because I had just begun to store my out-the-door doodads in the basket when the celebratory season changed.

The Gathering and the Rounding

So I began by gathering my spring colors – oh, it’s lovely to work in pastels after a season of muteds.

Spring Colors Basket Liner @SuzBroadhurst

I started in the round with a magic circle, growing the round by increasing here and there, changing colors as I pleased.  Until it fit just nicely in the bottom of the basket.

I stopped increasing and just dc’d up the sides, around the top, and down a few inches.  If your basket is sloped you may need to increase a bit as you near the top so it fits over the side nicely.

The Handles

My basket has un-removable handles – drats! – so I applied a little tip I picked up somewhere along the way.  As I neared the handle area on both sides, I switched to slip stitches instead of dcs.  This created the notch I needed for the handles.

The Ruffle

Then I made the ruffle, slipstitching up around the notch on on my way from one completed ruffle side to the other – a once in a lifetime ruffle, I do believe.


Ruffly Edge on Crochet Basket Liner @SuzBroadhurst

Can you imagine your elbows hurting after a few rounds of an edging? I need not imagine.   It can happen.  And did.  But it’s worth it, don’t you think?  My elbows are fine and the basket is lovely.

Missing My Santa Bobbles

Missing the original basket liner’s Santa fluff bobbles, I made ties for the sides with a flowery loopy pattern I found in the same edging book that brought tears to my elbows.

The flowery loops are just lengths of chains slip stitched back to the first chain.  Easy!

I enjoy reading a good pattern, but I also like making them up on the fly.  It’s just yarn, anyway – easy to frog (rip out) and begin again!

The fun is in the experimenting and the joy is in using the basket and it’s new springy inside each and every day as I need a doodad of this or a doodad of that.

Happy Crocheting!

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