Homeschooling: Planning and Preparing When Your Student is Yet a Baby


Mondays are for Homeschooling


Here’s another reader-inspired post.  Keep the questions coming!


Courtney’s question from my Home School Enrichment Magazine, Homeschool Whimsies blog:

“My only child (so far) is 14months and all the books and websites say to just relax and enjoy him for the first three years. but i’m having a hard time with that. when did you start planning and preparing?”


I received similar advice – relax and enjoy the little ones –  and I did take it, but even in the taking I found my mind wandering, wondering what the next step in parenting as a homeschooler would be like.

And the wondering started before I was ever pregnant!  😉


Reading Ahead

Here’s how I handled the planning and preparing process.  Now that I’m about to graduate my last child, I can say with confidence, it worked pretty well.  🙂


Before I got pregnant, I read pregnancy books.

When I got pregnant, I read caring for newborn books.

When my baby was born, I read books about preschool.

When my babies were preschool age, I read about early elementary education.

(I’m sure you see the pattern, but this is fun remembering all the years behind me!)

When my elementary students were doing their lessons, I read about middle school.  And prayed.  A lot.

When my middle schoolers were curled up with more challenging books, I read about high school.  And prayed I would make it through middle school.  🙂

When my children were in high school, I read about college admissions and other  post-high school dream-fulfillment options, as well as how to be a mentor to my children.

When my first child went to college, I spent time getting my second one through high school.

The Stage I Broke the Pattern

Now that I have my last one ready to graduate, I have to admit, the last couple of years I subconsciously broke the pattern and forgot to read about the next step ahead. 




Well, that’s not entirely true, I did start reading a book about the Empty Nest, but it was just so … empty sounding.

Now that the calendar is ticking toward the end, and time is not holding still no matter how much I drag my feet, it’s time to pick up books about life after homeschooling.   And so I have been doing.

At the moment, the books are typically along the subject lines of:  crocheting, gardening, and how to declutter when emotions and memories flood the soul – all those art and science projects and supplies, not to mention all the books!


How I Prepared in a Nutshell


I prepared one step ahead, so I could know what might be coming and so I could enjoy it when it came.

Not all days/months/years were textbook, but here we are with so many memories we could write our own books.  So, yah, enjoy the baby, but read ahead, too!

Enjoy the journey one baby step at a time!




  1. Lookin’ good! I like the ‘click the cloud’ in the footer. 🙂 Looks really nice & clean with ample white space. I would suggest putting your name under your picture — Hi, I’m Suzanne or something and then the rest of it…and maybe a “read more about me here” link?

    And this post was lovely…homeschooling sure does fly…

    • Thank you, Daniele, for taking the time to look over the site and share your professional thoughts. 🙂 For some reason, I don’t get emails anymore when someone comments. Just now looking through the section on Word Press. Thanks again!

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