First Three Weeks of Homeschool Pre-Retirement



I haven’t officially retired because my girl hasn’t officially graduated yet, but I’m sure warming up to the idea!  Here’s a synopsis of how I spent my first three weeks after homeschool co-op ended forever for me as a parent-teacher.


First Week

That first week was a tricky one to maneuver through.  Lots of emotions and all wanting ascendancy.

I took this advice:  Ride the emotions like a wild horse.  The horse will buck, lean, kick and canter, sometimes all at the same time.  Just hang on and soon enough the emotions will settle into an easier ride.

Ride On @SuzBroadhurst

So, finishing touches on course summaries, tidying of the transcript, grading of a couple of electives. all were completed while riding a wild horse of anticipation of the end.

Until the …


Second Week

A norovirus-like stomach bug decided it was time to visit, kindly (ha!) emptying my soul of all need to worry about what I was going to do in retirement.  I really didn’t care what I would do, as long as I got feeling better.

And feel better I did by the ….


Third Week

Feeling better after a week of … well, never mind, let’s just say:  Feeling better, and anticipating my eldest sister and eldest great-niece’s visit in early June, I began the process of looking at my home through the eyes of a non-homeschooler.

Through the Eyes @SuzBroadhurst

Slowly, it dawned on me:  I am a non-homeschooler.  Or will be in just a few weeks. 

The organizing bug hit me and I got to sorting and clearing out.  Organizing beats crying.  Crying only offers a headache and organizing actually accomplishes something.

Of course, I’m not nearly done, and probably won’t be before my sis gets here.

This is a long-haul project, sorting through 13 years of homeschooling in our cottage, plus all the memories — and hoped-to-be-memory-making supplies — I brought along from our previous residencies.

The laundry/craft/supplies/curriculum/stationary/memories/hope chests/files storage room is still in flux, as the art shed is still in its final phase of completion.  But the church directory, monthly files, birthday card organizer and crochet patterns are organized!

Baby Cowboy Hat @SuzBroadhurst

Fiddling with paper instead of tearing up over the end, I’ve also been finishing up a couple of Bible study books I started mid-school year.   And …


I’ve been playing with concrete!

I’m building a Bag-by-Bag Concrete Patio outside my kitchen door near the bocce court.

Would you like to see pictures?   (You can sign up for email updates – upper right of the page – so you don’t miss the post when it comes out.)

While the concrete dried, I pulled out the heat gun …


Heat Gun Meet Citrus Kitchen

I’ve also been heat gunning, sanding and painting my second kitchen drawer.

Sis, keep in mind when you visit, we are in kitchencolortransition mode.

I’ve been playing with several color ideas over the course of time and you can probably find echoes of each color-adventure in our little cottage kitchen.  But at least the drawers match now!

And those matching drawers – a year-long goal completed – bring us to the end of Week 3 of Pre-tirement.

I wonder what Week 4 will offer!

Thoughts ... Insights ... Questions?