Homeschool Pre-Retirement: Two More Down, One to Go


Out of the Box @SuzBroadhurstWhere have I been for these past two weeks?  Fulfilling dreams.  And loving it!

The Bag-by-Bag Concrete Patio is coming along as quickly as degenerative disc disease will allow.  Smile   I have two more bags waiting for mixing and pouring, but the key word the last few days has been: waiting.

While I’ve waited for the back to agree that 50-lb bags of Quik-Crete plus the needed water isn’t really that much to lift and pour, I’ve been fulfilling another dream come true:  Relocating art supplies from a very VERY crowded laundry room to my lovely home-built-by-my-husband, She Shed Art Studio.

The one thing I haven’t been doing lately has been taking pictures of these energetic projects.  But I’m thinking that will happen either before or after my sister’s and great niece’s visit.  Maybe even during!

Insert @SuzBroadhurst

Let’s see, what else has happened these past two weeks? Something with pictures?  Oh we did go to the wedding of dear friends from church!  And since their wedding was near our favorite Greek town in Florida, we stopped at Tarpon Springs for gyros, a bring-home-supply of the best pita bread ever, and sweet times along the sponge-diving boats’ waterfront.

And I did get pics of Tarpon Springs!  Here are a couple to whet your Greek appetite:


Growing Up Greek-esque @SuzBroadhurst


One day, I would love to gather all the photos of the kiddos as they grew up alongside this ever-present sponge diver.


Tarpon Springs @SuzBroadhurst

And one day, I’m going to buy a lacy kitchen-something from the Greek lace shop and not “think about it while we walk.”  Mainly because by the time we get back to the lace shop at the end of our day, the shop has closed, and the lace lovelies peer at me through the slightly sea-sprayed glass window with rather Velveteen Rabbit expressions.

And that, my friends, has been what’s happening here.  What’s been happening out there?


REALITY CHECK:  I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll be back down in the Tarpon area.  I’m finding that traveling – which used to be not only my joy, but my escape – is no longer a dear friend of mine.  More and more, I am finding being a homebody is just fine with my body.  As long as I don’t lift too much wet concrete.   Smile


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