Homeschool High School Graduation Girl-Style

Her mesage has always been …

Baby Winter: Tell the I Love Them @SuzBroadhurst


When life got tough, she got on her knees and got tougher.

Go Get 'Em! @SuzBroadhurst

Whether her baby doll needed wheels …

Winter and Baby Carriage

or she did …

Winter and her Wheels

Whether she was playing hymns …

Winter Plays at Ronald McDonald House


or snazzin’ and jazzin’  …

Jazzy @SuzBroadhurst



She’s always shown Spirit!

Winter: Senior Picture @SuzBroadhurst


Class of 2013

School of the Culina Mensa

So very proud of who you are and what you’ve done,

my precious daughter!

REALITY CHECK:  Graduation is a gift, like a memorial stone of old, reminding us to look back on all that God has done.  And boy, has He been busy!


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