God Knows When Homeschoolers Retire

Every Days are for Homeschooling

I worried about homeschool retirement.  What will I do when the kids no longer need me to do all the things a parent-teacher does?

Yet when I probed my heart, the bigger questions, the scarier questions were:

Will God know where I am when I don’t know where the kids are?  Will He still be actively involved in my life even though I’m not homeschooling?


And the Scariest Questions of All

Will He still care about me and have something for me to do?  Or was my life designed solely to raise children and now that I’m done, I’m … done?

I shouldn’t have worried.  But I did.  And I’m thankful I did.

I’m thankful because He taught me I could talk to Him about my worries.  And I’m glad I started talking to Him early in the worrying process.


God started answering my fears before Big Fear had a time to set in.


Here’s What He’s Done So Far …


  • On the morning of the last day of homeschool co-op, an opportunity to teach children’s church came up.


  • Two days after my daughter’s official graduation …

Graduation Homeschool Style

two of my sisters  – the very two that were at the beginning of our homeschool days and at the end of our homeschool days – met spontaneously at a natural food store as we stopped by on the spur of the moment to get dairy-free milk powder for smoothies.   I grabbed the one sister dragging her to meet the other sister, ecstatically declaring,  “You have to meet my other sister!”  Did I mention one lives in Arizona and the other in Florida?  🙂


  • Just a few minutes ago, within moments of posting on Facebook  that I had just completed my daughter’s transcript and I am on my official one-year sabbatical, the phone rang:  “May I come by in 5 minutes and drop off a few bags of yarn for you?”  Yarn?  Yes, please!  And thank you!


And More …

      And that doesn’t even include the conversations and ideas sparked* by the cane I used this week to get around, as we showed off Florida’s attractions to my sister and great-niece!

Sister and Great-Niece @SuzBroadhurst


Homeschoolers: Share Your Retirement Fears with God Now

Ask Him to plan your steps.  Ask now.  And He will make a way later.

And know that God will still know who you are after the diploma is signed and the transcript is printed.  He knows where you are and who you are.

A beautiful side effect of raising your children to find their gifts, their talents, their joys, and their weaknesses, is that we mamas get to find the same things about ourselves along the way!  Just in time for homeschool retirement!

Enjoy the now and look forward to the future! 

God is in it all, if you invite Him to be!

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