What to Do When a Little Bird Drives You Batty

Eepers Eep @SuzBroadhurst


We have a little bird.  Outside our window.

And it chirps.  Or rather, eeps.

Constantly.  Day and Night.







Shoot It

I considered “googling” the title of this post for advice, but I was afraid it would tell me:  Shoot it.

And I’m not into shooting birds.  Even eeping ones.  I’ve been thinking there’s a lesson in this Little Eeper, so I wanted to give the lesson time to brew.

Like French Press coffee.


Taking Action

My daughter, however, took action.  No, she didn’t shoot it.  She googled it.  The first search entry was:  “Can a Man Really Drive You Crazy?”

Interesting.  I had been thinking the aviary analogy involved small children clamoring for attention while Mama just wants to read a book, but yes, I can see the Man Point, too.


Maybe that’s the lesson.  We can all be Little Eepers.


 Contextual Eeping

I know I’ve eeped when others would want me to be silent.  Sometimes, I should have kept my beak shut.  Other times, I should have eeped all the more.

I think it depends on what we are eeping about.

  • Maybe this little bird is just happy to be alive.
  • Maybe this little bird’s babies got eaten by The Black Cat.
  • Maybe this little bird has a worm stuck in its throat and is crying out for help.
  • Maybe this little bird is just eeping because its what Little Eepers do.  They eep.


Look Who’s Eeping Now

Maybe I should change my perspective of its eep.  Because certainly it isn’t going to be quiet any time soon.  And there is …

A time to be silent and a time to [eep].

Loosely based on Ecclesiastes 3:7



Maybe if I accept its eeping, it will … shut up.

Eep @SuzBroadhurst

Or not.


I can always hope the Little Eeper will hear – and apply – this song:


 Would I miss the little guy?  I don’t know, but I’m willing to find out.  🙂


REALITY CHECK:  My daughter found that song as I was writing this post, and she found this poem just after writing, but before she read itA Minor Bird by Robert Frost.  The link takes you away from this blog, but I think it’s worth the trip.  Just be sure to come back and see what else I’m eeping about.  🙂

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