Day of Change

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Ronald and WinterPhoto by Lynn Boutte

July 1st is about a different kind of change.  That’s the day millions of dollars can be raised by a wee bit of pocket change.  Ronald McDonald House is more than a symbol, it’s a safe home for so many – like our family – while children receive medical care.  Around the world.

El Salvador Wonder Map

But you don’t have to travel to El Salvador to drop your change into a life.

Just pop into your local McDonald’s for their Day of Change on July 1st and the money will travel around the world for you.

You can even join the event on Facebook for more fun and collaboration!

“Small change dropped in Donation Boxes

helped raise more than $28 million last year in the U.S.”



REALITY CHECK:  If you don’t care for (or approve of) fast food, stop in for some apples slices and cup of iced tea.  The important part of this day isn’t the food – it’s the saving of lives and holding families hearts in the time of challenge.  🙂


This post contains affiliate links.

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