Bible Memorization for Computer Enthusiasts

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Memorizing Bible verses and passages – how about a chapter or two? – is one of the most rewarding ways we can spend our time.  But sometimes we want to give our minds a break, and just play on the computer.   What if someone came up with a way to do both simultaneously?  And what if they made it free?  And easy?  Well, someone did.

The Fear

Sure, the fear instilled by blogging writers blogging about writing blogs is making my skin damp – or maybe it’s the 93 percent humidity we experience on a seasonal basis – but “perfect love casts out fear.”  My love isn’t perfect, but it’s love-y enough to write this post and send you to … another website.

If you like it, you’ll be back, right?  And if typing isn’t your cup of memory tea, well, I hope you come back anyway and give me another chance.  There’s one thing about being on a one-year sabbatical after graduating your last homeschooled student.  Nothing stays the same for long.


The Find

And that’s how I found Scripture Typer.  My brain was bouncing from interest to interest.  I can’t even remember all the rabbit trail hops that led me to it, but once there, (added 07/09/13: I found it!  I got the idea here)  well, let’s just say: I’m in love.


The What and How

Scripture Typer is a simple aid to Bible memorization.  You type Scripture until you have it memorized.  Mastered, even.

  • Choose a verse or passage of verses (your own or from a collection).  You type it.  They time you.
  • They’ll use that time to offer you the challenge.

HINT: Type slow but steady, rather than trying to beat the clock in the Typing Stage.  The faster you type, the faster they expect you to go.  Smile

  • Then memorize the verse or passage by typing it again, this time with every other word removed.
  • Then master it by typing completely from memory.
  • You get as many chances as you need, and even a hint button to help in the learning process.

The Summary: Type It, Memorize It, Master It

That’s pretty much it!  You get to choose which translation you want to use, and you can even choose not to memorize the punctuation (guess who chose that option?) or to be held to every comma and semi-colon.

It’s simple to set up – no downloading or java-ing or wondering do I click save as or open.  Just go to the website, create a password, set a few simple settings and get memorizing!

It’s free to use on your computer, too.  There is a charge for the *phone app* but I don’t know anything about adding apps, so you’ll want to check the website for details.  I don’t app-etize my phone since it still connects to the world of speaking via a wire.

UPDATE December 2016: I have a smartphone now and I LOVE the APP!  It’s the worth the few dollars spent (it’s the only app I’ve spent money on) and you can add (I think it’s 3, maybe 4) family members for free.


Oh, and as a side note:

It seems one does not need a wire to be wiretapped these days.  Sad, sad, sad.  I can’t get my child’s medical records without signing in triplicate, but the NSA can find out what kind of pizza we ordered last.  And some are surprised copies of Orwell’s 1984 are flying off the shelves?

Anyway, back to the eternal world, where Scripture is the Word of the Day and Jesus is King …

This program is so easy to use, even an adult can use it.  Of course, your children will enjoy watching their typing speed increase as their accuracy improves, too.


Why This?  Why Now?

The more we have hidden in our hearts, the more the Holy Spirit can tap into and remind us of when we need it most.

And … we get to play on the computer while we “hide the Word in our heart that we might not sin against God.”  Now, that’s a double blessing!

Scripture Typer Bible Memory Verses

Y’all Come Back Now

When you’ve memorized a verse or two, come back and tell me about it!

Happy memorizing!


REALITY CHECK:  There is a leader board of sorts on Scripture Typer, which could become a distraction from our genuine desire to store God’s Word in our heart for the soul purpose of abiding in Him.  If the numbers begin to look more important than the One you are abiding in, you might try memorizing John 15.  Love will bring us back from the brink of fear every time.


  1. So glad that you like Scripture Typer. We are loving it and it has helped us so much in memorizing Scripture. My kids are participating in the Bible Bee and that is where we first heard about it.

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