Scripture Typer Tip: Memorizing the Big Stuff


I’m so in love with Scripture Typer.  Even with a few technological hiccups, it’s been a wonderful, just wonderful tool to memorize individual Bible verses.   But what do we do when we want to memorize longer passages?  I have a tip for you.

Memorizing the Big Stuff

The easiest way to memorize long passages using Scripture Typer is to create a list of the individual verses in that passage.

For example, if you want to memorize Revelation 21: 1 – 8, create a collection called Revelation 21: 1-8 and add the complete passage in one swoop.

Then … add each verse of the passage separately.

Your collection will now look like this:

  • Revelation 21:1-8
  • Revelation 21:1
  • Revelation 21:2
  • Revelation 21:3
  • Revelation 21:4
  • Revelation 21:5
  • Revelation 21:6
  • Revelation 21:7
  • Revelation 21:8

For a passage of eight verses you will have nine entries.  One for the complete passage and eight for the individual verses.

By having each verse separated from the herd, you will only need to memorize one verse at a time to experience progress.  And we all like to experience progress.

Making Heart-to-Heart Connections

Join me!  Just sign up on Scripture Typer, then look for a group called Memorizing the Big Stuff, where I’ve prepared Psalm 23 for us.

The entire passage is listed as one big chunk and the passage is broken down into individual verses, for our memorizing pleasure.  See you there!Scripture Typer Bible Memory Verses

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REALITY CHECKHiding the Word in our heart is not the same as applying the Word to the realities of life, but it sure helps the process.





  1. Hi Suzanne! Great tip! Also, there’s no need to make an entry for the entire passage. If you delete that entry, you’ll see an additional option when you click on the collection to “Review all verses combined together”. The nice thing about this feature is it only combines the verses you’ve mastered so far, so if you’ve only mastered verses 1 through 4, it will only “glue” those together.

    Note: the “review all verses combined” option will not appear until you’ve mastered at least the first two verses. Also the verses in the collection must be sequential (so the option won’t appear until you delete your entry for the entire passage “Rev 21:1-8”).

    Thanks so much for helping others with Scripture Typer!

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