Making Connections: Verse by Verse

Making Connections Verse by Verse

Are you memorizing some Big Stuff, longer Bible passages broken down verse by verse?  Me, too!  Are you running into a challenge connecting the verses, typing it as one complete passage?  Me, too!  I came up with something that sure helps me, so I thought I’d share it with you, since we’re in this journey together.  🙂


The Tip

A Standard Memorizing Tip may sound something like this:

As you memorize an individual verse, pay extra attention to the first words and the last words.

But if you are like me, paying attention doesn’t always mean remembering. 

So, open a little Notepad document on the side of your computer.  As you review each verse, add the first words and then the last words to the list.

Here’s what I mean …


Making Connections

After practicing each verse separately in the Typing Stage a few times – which is recommended by the author of Scripture Typer – try this:

Step 1

Begin at the first verse in your passage, but this time before you begin typing in the Memorization Staqe, pop open a Notepad document and jot the first few words of the verse.

Now, go back and finish typing that verse.

Step 2

Repeat Step 4 for each verse in the passage.

Step 3

When you have all the first words on your Notepad Connection Sheet, begin again at the first verse in the passage, this time jotting the last few words in the passage after you type it in the Memorization Stage.

I like using the ellipsis (…) between the first words and the last words.  Like this:  The beginning … the ending.

Here’s what my Notepad Connection Sheet for Revelation 21:1-8 looks like:

Notepad Connection Sheet


Step 4

When you reach the Mastery Stage for each verse, glance at your Notepad Cheat Sheet before you begin typing to help you cement the first and last words.

The beauty of Scripture Typer is that it is a tool, not a taskmaster.  It does not record how many attempts you attempted Mastery, but only that you did when you do.

Step 5

The last step is to use the Notepad Connection Sheet during your Memorization Stage run-through of the whole passage.  Use it until you get comfortable enough to try mastering the whole passage without Notepad reminders.  It really works!

REMEMBER:  There’s no one grading your work or watching you type, unless you have a curious family member peering over your shoulder, and in that case, introduce them to Scripture TyperSmile


Slowing Down and Integrity

Glancing at an open document will slow down your typing speed, but that’s ok.  Slowing down is all part of the learning to master process.

And for integrity sake, don’t use your Notepad Connection Sheet when you are ready to type at your normal speed to show mastery on the Mastery Phase.  It kind of takes all the meaning out of the word, mastery.


Summing It Up:

When you have two or more verses in a passage to memorize, pay attention to the last words of the first verse and the first words of the second.  This will help you make the word-connection between verses.

Depending on the passage you are memorizing, you’ll see patterns in the author’s writing style, too.

You will also begin to see the flow of the context of the Biblical author, gleaning meaning from the message.

And that’s really the point of the whole exercise!  Smile 

Join the Big Stuff

If you’d like a place to begin – or continue – memorizing Scripture, join Scripture Typer.  It’s free.  It’s easy.

And if you’d like to practice the Break It Down and Remember It steps, I created a group called Memorizing the Big Stuff, where we can memorize the Big Stuff together.


REALITY CHECK: Don’t you love it when the Holy Spirit takes what we’ve hidden in our hearts and reminds us in the midst of real life?  (Except, of course, when we are reminded and we’d rather not be.  Oops.  Heart check.)

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