The Whole World Waits

The Whole World Waits

The whole world waits
For the birth of a child
In a palace gold
In a land of wealth.

The whole world waits
For the cries of one
Who will wear a crown
In a home of fame.

The whole world waits
For the smiles of two
Who gave birth and life
To the royal one.

Yet, the whole world turns
From the birth of the Child
In a manger wood
In a land of sand.

The whole world turns
Away from cries
Of thorns to come
In a place alone.

The whole world turns
To mock the One
Who was born of God
For our sinfulness.

The whole world turns
To the royal babe
The whole world turns
From the Royal Babe.

Where do you turn?
Whom do you seek?
The lamb of man?
Or the Lamb of God?



“All we like sheep have gone astray,
We have turned, every one, to his own way;
And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.”

 Isaiah 53:6

REALITY CHECK:  I wrote this song in the few moments after receiving the FoxNews alert that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was admitted to the hospital with labor pains.  I wanted to sing it for you, but maybe it’s better I couldn’t find my microphone.

P.S.  I usually don’t post two posts in a day, but this one is a matter of timeliness, for there is no time like the present to:

“Seek the Lamb


Find the King”


  1. That was very moving. While we pray for the best for Princess Kate and her baby (just like we should for anyone else), we need to remember the One who came in humility to save us from the dominion and tyranny of sin and death. Thank you for reminding us that the Eternal King of Kings is our Prince of Peace who came not with the trappings of human royalty and priviledge, but He chose to lay aside his glory and come as ultimate servant who gave us all of HImself so we could be with Him forever! Thank you, Suzanne!

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