August Simplicity: Crochet Wreath

Crochet_August_Simplicity Wreath


Using a $1 vine wreath, I’ve been playing dress-up this year changing its outfit each season, holiday or month, depending when the crocheting mood inspires.  August is a bit laid back in Hot Humid Here, so I wanted something that said, “It’s Ok, Relax.”

Searching, comparing, gathering inspiration from Pinterest and beyond, I came up with this:


The Concept

First, make a long strip of hdc’s, also known as half double crochets.  Just start a dc and pull all three loops through at once, rather than doing the double crochet two step.

Make it wide enough to almost go around your wreath form.   You want a little open space on the back so it doesn’t get too lumpy.

And make it as long as you need to cover the circumference of the circle.

Yarn stretches, so don’t make it overly wide nor overly long.

Make a Strip of Crochet Fabric

Join the two short ends.

Make a track of sc all the way around.

Make the Track

You will be working perpendicularly to your original stitches, so don’t worry about hitting each stitch perfectly.  Just find the next good spot for a sc and keep on going until you meet your first sc.   Sl st to join.

KEY NOTE:  Be sure you stay parallel to the edge as you go around the ring.  You want to remain equi-distant from the edge at all times.

The Edging

I used a loopy edging I learned about here, but you can use any trim or edging pattern that you find makes you smile and that works well in the round.


Add the Edging to the Track

I made a second loopy round.

Add a Second Row of Loops

For instructions on how to attach the crocheting to the wreath form, take a peek at my Spring Wreath.

August Simplicity Crochet Wreath

And the Pattern …


Your wreath form may require a different number of stitches. 

Compare your progress to your wreath form often.

The Base

Ch 15.

Row 1 – Hdc in second ch from hook, and every ch across.

Row 2 – Ch 1.  Turn.  Hdc in every st across.

Repeat Row 2 until the strip can reach all the way around the wreath.

Again, don’t make it overly long, unless you like a scrunchie sock look. (Oooh, inspiration for another wreath, right there!)

Join the two short edges with a sc seam on the wrong side.  Finish off.


The Edging

Turn work to right side.

Find where you’d like the edging to begin (mine was about the 4 st mark from the long edge) and place a stitch marker there.

Attach yarn with sl st.  Sc all the way around the circumference.  Join with sl st to first sc.


The Loops

Ch 5, sc in next st.  *Ch 5, skip 2 st, sc in next st.*   Repeat * to * until back to first loop.

*Ch 5, sc in next loop.*  Repeat until back to first loop.  Sl st to join.  Finish off.

See Spring Wreath for instructions on how to attach to wreath form and hang.


Happy Door - and Son!


Happy Crocheting!



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