The Scarf That Entered a Contest



Herringbone Scarves


Crochet Today magazine introduced me to the Herringbone stitch and not only did I make one bright orange scarf, I’m almost finished with a soft yellow one.

Then I discovered they have a contest going on.  Well, not technically a contest.  Even better than a contest:  It’s a giveaway! [Update: giveaway is over]

Do you get Crochet Today magazine?  Did you make something from their Sept/Oct 2013 issue?  Is it sometime before the entry deadline of August 16, 2013 or do you own – or have access to – a time machine that could take you back in time for the giveaway?

If so, be sure to enter their giveaway.  The winner will be selected at random, so even if you are a beginner crocheter and your stitches are wibbly wobbly, never fear – enter away!

Enjoy Crocheting – Begin It, Love it, and Get It Off the Hook!




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