New Beginnings Beyond Homeschool


A peek at my week … and why I haven’t written in awhile …

My youngest went to school today for the first time at 18.  She’s gonna make some edu-college-waves with the Blue Wave!

Another Homeschooler Enters the College World

She’s excited about sitting in “real little desks” and meeting her brother’s English professor and starting interior design class.

Life in the Dorm Begins … and the Silence Falls at Home

And the boy is off to live on campus.  Way across town.  Over the river. 

College Dorm

Changes are among us.


It’s not about how are we going to keep things the same,

it’s about how are we going to adapt to the differences.


REALITY CHECK:  My girl just walked in from biking home (biking in August?!  A miracle for her health!  Thank You, Lord!) from her first college class.  Time to hear the stories!

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