The Week Before College


It wasn’t that I was overly busy in body getting my homeschooled from birth children ready for their college transitions, it was that I was busy in brain, letting my children go.

The Week Before College

Raising children is an exercise in job de-creation.  As one gets older, wiser being a parent, the children need you less as one.  Or so it seems, especially so, the week before they go to college.

Oh sure, they didn’t mind us buying them a little of this (pencils and 3-ring binders) and a little of that (laundry soap and paper towels), but they didn’t seem to need much in the way of dealing with financial aid or choosing classes.  They knew what needed to be done, and they did it.

And that’s a good thing.  Really, it is.  All those days of, “Yes, dear, you do need to do your homework today” paid off.  As young homeschoolers, they many times insisted all work was home-work, so I guess the lessons in math translated well to the lessons of life.

All that young adult self-control left this mama of young adults with a lot of time to wonder, to worry, and to reminisce.

And to turn those wonders, worries and reminisces into:

  • Prayers for adventure
  • Prayers of protection and provision
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for all God has already done.

So, was I busy packing, organizing, and doing laundry?  Well, laundry, yes.  But packing and organizing, not so much.  They had their lists, they used their lists.  And I remembered I taught them how to make lists.  And use lists.

If I was out of a job, it was my own fault.  Smile

Not having a Dr. Doofenshmirtz Babe-inator at my disposal, I took the emo-hit, and basked in the independence of my children, while drowning myself in dreams of my own newfound independence.

And I waited for the stories to come pouring in.  Which they have.  And I’m so thankful. Smile


REALITY CHECK:  Teaching our young children is a process of repetition, repetition, repetition.  And it can be tiring exhausting.  Gain strength from your relationship with God and His Word, and put “Yes, dear you do need to do your home work” on repeat.

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