Operation Christmas Child Countdown: Nine!


Nine Weeks Til Shoebox Time!


I felt a wee bit of fall yesterday, or maybe I should say, A Little Less Summer and it reminded me … Christmas is coming!


If one – or a million! – are shipping presents by camel, by donkey, by canoe and by kayak, one needs to start their shopping early.


Operation Christmas Child’s Shoebox Collection Week is just 9 weeks away!


What To Pack for a 10-14 Year Old

Are you wondering what to fill your boxes with?

Many thanks to Clip With Purpose for providing these detailed, creative lists:

What to Buy For a 10-14 Year Old Boy’s Box

Ideas for a 10-14 Year Old Girl’s Box


Update March 2016:
Sadly computer chaos is afoot on the ClipWithPurpose website – linked above and elsewhere.

                      Please keep Mary and crew in prayer.


I printed them out and attached them to my grocery shopping clipboard, which reminds me:


TIP:  By adding Operation Christmas Child to your weekly shopping list, and purchasing one or two items each week your box can fill pretty easily!


Just want a quick little something to pick up this week: Start your box with a pad of paper and a pencil or two. 

Some children begin their education with simple gifts like a paper and pencil.  Come to think of it, most of us did.  🙂


For more information:

Operation Christmas Child

Local drop-off locations


REALITY CHECK My own kiddos may have grown into young adults, but it doesn’t mean I have to stay out of the toy department.   See you there!  🙂

More Countdown Tips


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