Remembering Which USB Goes to What Device


I taught my kids.  My kids taught me.  I helped my children memorize.  My children helped me memorize.  But one lesson I never quite learned by rote:  Which USB cord goes to which device. 

Somewhere along the line, I started doing this:

USB Organization


A little sticky note, a piece of tape for reinforcement and I can grab and go!

I guess it’s something like providing a formula sheet for Physics’ exams.  In the real world, we can post sticky notes all over our work space to help us remember the complex details of life, so why not for the test?

And yes, for a woman raised in a floppy disk generation, USB cords are complex.  🙂

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REALITY CHECK:  Not all my cords are labeled.  Just the ones I use most often.  I’m not obsessive (about USB cords, that is).  🙂



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