Operation Christmas Child Countdown: Eight!

8 Weeks Til Shoebox Time!



If you are anything like my homeschooled-now-has-his-AA-going-for-his-bachelors son, you like to know it before you know it.  *It* can be anything from the alphabet to algebra to the depths of the e-word*.   Or, as in this helpful info from Samaritan’s Purse, How to Pack a Shoebox.

Not the ol’ put the old shoes in the box and store them in the closet for just-in-case days routine – as if our children would suddenly grow back into them– but the joy and privilege of packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

Privilege of Packing

Packing a shoebox is as easy as it looks and so much more enjoyable than you can imagine.


Ponder and Awwww

Your box will travel far – maybe by camel or kayak!to reach a child who may have never received a gift “just because.”  And who will most importantly, hear the message of The Gift of Salvation in Christ Jesus, most possibly for the first time.

Now, I may not understand the e-word* but I understand how important it is to know the One Who Made Us is the One Who Paid the Price for Us.  Now, that’s the gift I’m talkin’ ‘bout.


Talkin’ ‘Bout Gifts

Here are a couple more lists to help you fill your box:

What to Pack for a 5-9 Year-Old Boy

What to Pack for a 5-9 Year-Old Girl



*REALITY CHECK:  Economics is known in our family as the e-word because the mama doesn’t always understand it and the son likes to discuss it deeply, intricately and long-ly.

More Countdown Tips

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