Storing Food Allergies

Storing Food Allergies

What do you do when some members of the family really, really want something that other members of the family are really, really allergic to?

When it comes to nuts, we say no way and keep them out of the house completely.  The same goes with shredded cheese.  Just too easy to sprinkle a few of those food-grade grenades around the house unintentionally.

Some foods, like sliced cheese, are safe to have around when they are consumed by only the non-allergic individuals.  But storing them can make a mama pretty nervous.

So, this is what we did:

Storing Food Allergens

We created a drawer in the refrigerator for just such food items.  And labeled it clearly.

Note to the family members who live here – and have lived here (sniffle, I miss you, College Buddy Boy) – yes, the sign has changed.  I figured after nearly 10 years of the same now-faded somewhat drippy red markered sign, well, let’s just say, on Refrigerator Cleaning Day I made the update.

And now you have it.  And others don’t.   Allergens, I mean.


REALITY CHECK:  Sometimes finding a place between medical advice, common sense, faith, fear and sliced cheese is fine walk on a thin path.

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