Dad’s Office: A Trip Down Memory Lane


I hadn’t been to my husband’s office in awhile.   When I saw the green recliner I nursed my babies in, my heart skipped a mama-beat.  Then I noticed our old computer chair.  OLD computer chair – before we ever had a computer.  I wondered, were the Bengal and Jaguar still there?


Bengals vs. Jags


There they are … still flanking the framed thought given years – years – ago, and still fairly applicable today. (However, I think he’s starting to see things my way:  Choose a football team by how cute their helmets are, not based on how well they play.)

And Ooooh

There are the popsicle stick buildings – still standing!  And the Easter Bunny That Ruined Easter Bunnies for Winter.  (The bunny was kind of freaky.)

Popsicle Sticks and Easter Bunny Naples and More

And the boats the little ones bought him (this one was from Tarpon Springs, I think) and the islands they made.

Babies and Boat Naples and More


And beautiful artwork by the Girlie Girl.


Art and Ship Naples and More


And a portrait of our family friend, Hedgie.

Hedgie!  Naples and More


And lots of pictures, including our trip to Naples, courtesy of Visit Florida’s essay contest. 

Naples and More

And what it takes from all parties involved: Investment.

Investing Naples and More


The best investment of all … 

The Book That Got Us Through

 “We love Him because He first loved us.”  1 John 4:19


REALITY CHECK:  We didn’t have *all good times*, but we certainly had some great moments.  And moments add up.

Thoughts ... Insights ... Questions?