Operation Christmas Child Countdown: Six!



6 Weeks Til Shoebox Time!



Did you know Operation Christmas Child has a discipleship program called, The Greatest Journey?

The Greatest Journey Discipleship Program

Receiving new life doesn’t mean we automatically know how to walk in it.  Like learning to walk in new high heel shoes, it takes practice and help from people who have walked in similar shoes before.


Taking Somebody at Their Word

Discipleship is all about learning from those who’ve gone before us.  And we don’t have to take the word of just anyone … we can take the word of God Himself.

If we can’t trust Him, who can we trust?


Promises, Promises

Some folks have said, “God let me down.”  I am (sad to say) one of Some Folks.

I thought God let me down, but now I know I didn’t understand what He had actually promised to begin with.

One of the best secular novels I’ve read on the subject is I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.  It’s not a book for children.  Offenses will be easy to spot, but it does open wide the eyes.

 God gave us a garden with limits out of love, and we wanted it all.


Who He Really Is

Discipleship is all about learning who God really is.  And what God really promised us.  And what God really expects.

What we think is of God may just be a Shakespeare quote or

philosophical wanderings of the Humanist Manifesto.*

Or voodoo teachings or witch doctor taboos.

Just depends on who’s been discipling us.



Fill a Box, Change a Life

 Filling a shoebox with gifts is simply a temporal visual of the eternal


REALITY CHECK:  You may have noticed the countdown is a few days ahead.  That’s kind of on purpose and kind of not.  I counted down the weeks on the calendar, but not the days between the post posting and the next Sunday.  Oops!  Well, at least it gives us a few extra days for shoebox-filling!

*DOUBLE REALITY CHECK:  We may be surprised at how beliefs from the Humanist Manifesto have crept into the minds and hearts of the American people through various means.  It’s sneaky.  It’s deceptive.  And it may be lurking in your home causing chaos and discontentment.  It sure did in mine!


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