Learning About Japan: At Home and Church


Learn about Japan


Our children’s church class is learning about missionaries and where they serve around the world.  Whether you teach children at home, in a co-op or at church, here are a few fun ways to help them discover the culture of Japan.


Learn About a Traditional Japanese Home

Play Virtual Houseplace home decor objects in a traditional Japanese house


Learn About Kimonos

Play Virtual Kimonochoose accessories to put together a kimono outfit


And my favorite because you get to color in real life!


Design Your Own Kimono

Design your own kimono coloring page


Happy Exploration!

REALITY CHECK:  Time to pull out the tea pot and brew a bit!

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For more cultural geography fun …



  1. Very bright, cheery and eye catching!


  2. Thanks! Let me know if you want to design a kimono for children’s church. 🙂 We’ll put it on the bulletin board!

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