Operation Christmas Child Countdown: Five!


5 Weeks 'Til Shoebox Time!

Making your grocery shopping list, checking it twice?   I like shopping, but not necessarily for food.  It might be the game of Russian Roulette I feel like I play feeding a family with life-threatening food allergies.

I read every label that goes into the basket, so it slows me down … but I’m sure thankful for those labels!

Food and Fun

To add some fun with purpose to the shopping trip, put Operation Christmas Child on the regular shopping list.

This way, we not only get to look for the fun stuff of life, we get to look for great deals all year long.

I Love Clearance


While buying staples (both office and food), keep a Christmas eye out for:

  • Clearance racks
  • Sale items
  • Post-seasonal discounts
  • And don’t forget those bogos!

What’s a BOGO?

BOGOs are those delicious and delightful Buy One Get One free items. Perfect opportunities to help your church’s food pantry and/or fill your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

The non-perishable food goes to the pantry.

No food – except hard candy and gum, both of which must be double-bagged – is allowed in the shoeboxes.  Can you imagine the critters that would love to snack on crackers while the shoebox is being shipped overseas?  Eeks!

BOGO brings smiles----> OCC Uganda

And the fun stuff goes to the shoeboxes!

Keep an eye out for BOGO or clearance flip-flops, toys and school supplies throughout the year.  If you buy a couple here and there, your budget won’t suffer and the children will be blessed.


Budget Tight? BOGO and KODO






REALITY CHECK:  I love to look at endcaps.  That’s where stores tend to keep many of their clearance items, sometimes marked way, way down.   Peek at the end of all the stationary/school supplies aisles, as well as in the linen dept – gotta love those washcloth bunnies!


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  1. DeniseMarie says:

    I love me some clearance too!!

  2. Giggling, DeniseMarie! Clearance certainly does help fill those shoeboxes! 🙂 What’s your favorite thing to get on clearance?

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