I Love Yarn Day

I Love Yarn Day


I recently splurged on yarn.  Since it was for a commissioned project, I thought $3.79 for seven ounces was worth the extra dollar a skein.  Besides, I had a coupon.


Suddenly, the Yarn Splurge Became a Yarn Deal

Then I received a crochet newsletter and clicked on some lovely silk yarn out of curiosity.  $25 for less than 2 ounces.  Suddenly, my Bernat was an amazing deal.


Then a Beautifully Big Deal

My ever-curious daughter – I wonder where she gets that from? – asked, “I wonder what the most expensive yarn in the world is?”

So I looked it up.  The consensus seems to be vicuna* yarn.   At $300 an ounce.

Yah, my lilac and yellow Bernat is beautiful.  An absolutely beautiful big deal.


Reaching for the Rare Yarn … or Not

I love that there is always something more rare, something more delicate, something more expensive – if I so chose not to pay my house payment – that I could reach for.


I’m even more in love with yarn not so rare, not so delicate and well within my budget.  Something that I can reach for … project after project.

I Love Inexpensive Yarn Day

Oh, yes, I love yarn.  And I love that it comes in all forms.  And in all prices.


*What’s a vicuna, you ask?  A relative of the llama, living in the South American Andes.  Stay warm, buddy vicuna, stay warm.


REALITY CHECK:  I do confess, I dream of crocheting with bamboo yarn.  I had bamboo socks once.  And for a barefoot gal like me to love socks enough to mention them in writing, well … I’m just sayin’ I really wanna try bamboo yarn one day.  Hopefully, I will enjoy it but not get hooked on it.



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