Operation Christmas Child Countdown: Four!

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4 Weeks 'Til Shoebox Time!

  Do you get excited when you get a real piece of mail in your real live mailbox?  I do, too!  Imagine how excited children become when they receive a real live letter … in their very own shoebox! With 4 weeks until Operation Christmas Child National Shoebox Collection Week, there’s plenty of time to write a note to the very child who will receive your shoebox.

Worried About the Time It Takes to Write a Letter?


Simple Letters

What Should We Say?


  • Tell them your name and a little about your family, your pets, your rice cooker’s name.*

Something that helps them connect with you as a real live person.


  • Tell them about your country, your state, your city.   What do you enjoy about it, or where you like to go?

Something that helps them connect with where you live as a real live place.


  • Tell them about your love and your prayers for them.

This little something is a big something that helps them connect your gifts with the love of God Himself.

We Pray, They Pray, We All Pray

  We pray for them.  They pray for us.  And God’s gets lots of prayer-mail.

Packing for a Princess?

Here are some great shoebox gift tips for little girls, 2-4 years old.

Email subscribers:  See the video hereYou won’t want to miss the washcloth/soap tip and her lovely accent!  🙂

Keep the Princesses Safe

Check age suggestions on all items.  Little parts in little mouths makes for big troubles.

*REALITY CHECKJust so ya know, my rice cooker’s name is Evaaaa.  And my vacuum cleaner is Max.  🙂


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This post contains affiliate links.


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