Art Studio Revealed!

Art Studio Revealed


The hubby has a He Shed.  So, we named her The She Shed.

Get it?  He Shed, She Shed.  🙂

And here she is for her grand debut!


Welcome to the She Shed


What We Do in Our Art Studio …


We organize.

Masking Tape Labels

Use small totes and big totes

Go High  Gather here and there

We explore.

Create Waves

We teach.

Teaching Classes

We create for Operation Christmas Child.

Crochet for Operation Christmas Child   @OperationChristmasChild

We escape.

Artists' Escape

We stay cool.  Meet George, our ceiling fan:

Meet George, Our Ceiling Fan

We relax.

Relaxing Studio Style

We gaze out the windows.

Gazing Out the Window  Windows Gazing Out the Window 2



And we share life.

And as we do all of this, we …


Make Memories



REALITY CHECK:  The WiFi doesn’t reach to the She Shed and for this we are thankful.  🙂





  1. Love, love, love your space! What a wonderful place to just get away and create to your heart’s content!

  2. Thanks, Pat! I love having a place for everything and everything (basically) in its place. By Shoebox Collection Week it’s pretty packed, but then it empties out for a new year of creating. 🙂

  3. So glad I found your website, Suzanne (from a link provided on Ravelry). You are inspiring. Funny. And obviously have a BIG heart. I love your He Shed, She Shed! :^)

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