Dear Pinners, It’s Me, But It’s Not Me

I’m not one for maintenance posts, but when a faucet drips the only way to fix it is to fix it.  Or at least post a note on the handle and let everyone you know it’s dripping and you’re working on it.


The Problem

The little cyber-urchins who jump on my bandwidth somewhere between my click to pin and the Pinterest boards themselves are messing with my mind.  And maybe with yours?

It seems those cyber-urchins are changing my @SuzBroadhurst to a name not my own.

I do know a Suzanne who spells her name the way I do in real life, and for those of you who know both of us, it’s not her.  It’s another one of us.


The Blame

I don’t blame the woman behind the name, and I don’t blame Pinterest. I blame the creepy little cyber-urchins.


The Solution – In Process

I’m in talks with the cyber-urchins’ owners.


Temporary Measures

In the meantime, I’m changing everything on Pinterest manually.  Everything I can find, anyway.

If you see me on Pinterest, you’ll know it’s me if it leads you to me.

Pinterest CyberUrchin


I would imagine “the other Suzanne” will like her identity back, as well.  🙂


REALITY CHECK:  I just hate false leads, don’t you?



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