Operation Christmas Child Countdown: Three!


3 Weeks Til Shoebox Time!

 All Kids Love Presents!

Isn’t it amazing that we could be the giver of a child’s first gift?

First gift, ever?

Or their second.  Or third.  Or their best gift.

It happens every year all around the world through Operation Christmas Child.

To help you fill your shoebox, I made companions for your crayons, FREE printable coloring books.

Free Coloring Book of Simple Designs

Free Coloring Book - Half-size

And a new coloring book of crosses designed for older children!

Free Coloring Book of Crosses

Free Coloring Book of Crosses - Half-size


Some kids are quiet …

Quiet Operation Christmas Children - Philippines Flood Affected kids

Some kids are excited …

Excited Operation Christmas Children!


Some kids have been through much.

          And have forgiven much.  Like Alex …



Read Alex’s story.

[Email subscribers, here’s the link to the video.]

All kids are loved.

All Operation Christmas Children are Loved!



Let’s Join the Children

Take a Moment to Be Quiet



Take a Moment to Get Excited



Take a Moment to Forgive

“While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage.”  2 Peter 2:19


Take a Moment to Love

(Many thanks to my very talented wrapping husband.  Some husbands rap; my husband wraps!  My son came home from college, saw the colorful boxes and knew Dad had been in the She Shed with paper and tape!)


Take a Moment to Receive a Gift

  • The gift of righteousness – right standing with God – in Christ alone
  • The gift of peace – knowing God is God and we don’t have to be
  • The gift of hope – because God keeps His promises
  • The gift of grace – we are not in this alone.  He longs to walk with us.


REALITY CHECK:   Life with a box of crayons is just better.  And life with Jesus is the best!


Updated Oct 2014

Updated Nov 2016

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  1. Suzanne –
    Your blog is great and the OCC promo is fantastic. I can’t think of anything for you to add! But I will send you updates for area information. Or if I have something on FB you can take that too!

    I also see you are (were it appears) a fellow home school mom:-) That is my life for the past 10 years too!

    • Hey Natalie! It was such an honor to meet you in real life at the countdown meeting. 🙂 Thank you for keeping me in the OCC update loop. Yay for homeschool moms! How old are your children? The journey of homeschooling is like a mountain path, sometimes you get great views, and sometimes you just keep walking to get to the destination. Enjoy!

  2. Hey everyone, this is Mary ^^^ from Clip With Purpose … a woman of great enthusiasm and passion to share the Savior’s message – and His shoebox gifts!

    Mary, thanks for sharing the coloring book! You remind me, it’s time to get my OCC posts prepped and ready for launch again. 🙂

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