Pumpkin Post: Dairy-free Pumpkin Coffee

Dairy-free Pumpkin Coffee


Everybody seems to have a pumpkin post in the fall.  I wanted a pumpkin post, too.  So, here’s my pumpkin post about a pumpkin drink that could have killed my pumpkin*, my daughter.

Death by Pumpkin

When I learned my favorite pumpkin drink at The Coffee Shop on Every Corner – has dairy even though the baristas have assured me annually that it doesn’t, I was relieved my dairy-allergic daughter always steered clear of the squash-flavored drink.

Death by pumpkin latte, not a good thing.

And since my tummy gives me the ickies when I have dairy – explaining my post-pumpkin latte experiences – I made my own pumpkin coffee at home this fall.  With real pumpkin.


Real Pumpkin Coffee


  • One cup coffee
  • One TBS pumpkin from a can, but you can bake a pumpkin, if you really want to
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon, ginger, allspice and a tiny pinch of cloves
  • Soy creamer to suit … I used about 1/8 cup.  Other dairy-free milks will work, but the soy creamer is … well … creamier.  🙂
  • As much as sugar as you want (this is a seasonal splurge drink!)

You know this bit …

Toss everything in the blender (here’s the blender love of my life), then pour in a mug.

Put your feet up and watch the pumpkins go by.

Watch the Pumpkins Go By

Some areas of the country – like ours – are Iced Coffee Sipping Country until, oh, sometime usually in late December.  So, if you’d like it iced, just brew your coffee extra strong and serve over ice.

Or even better, blend it in a Vitamix with a handful of ice for a smooth cool frothy drink.


*REALITY CHECK:  I rarely call my girlie girl “pumpkin”-  it just sounded like a lovely literary device at the moment.  Just as it sounded like a good idea to use my son’s mama-only nickname when I said good-bye to him at college last week.  Sorry about that ______.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links; that’s how much I love my Vitamix!

 Post Updated: July 2014


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