Operation Christmas Child Countdown: Two!


2 Weeks Til Shoebox Time!


The quick brown fox may have jumped over the lazy dog,

but did he go shopping for Operation Christmas Child


Here are a few quick thoughts for your shoeboxing pleasure …


A Quick Story



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A Quick Shopping List

And a quick list of gift ideas to help you pack your shoebox:

  • stuffed animals (Dollar Tree has some adorable ones … for only $1 each!)
  • school supplies:  pencils, erasers, paper, index cards, notebooks
  • crayons and free printable coloring book
  • playing cards
  • jump rope
  • ball
  • plastic drinking cup – no glass, no ceramic
  • plastic plate
  • plastic utensils
  • kitchen utensils, like pancake flippers and whisks, for older girls who help with cooking
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste, in a zippered plastic bag
  • comb or brush

Need to fill it even quicker?   Build-a-Shoebox Online!

A Quick Little Hat

A Quick Make

If you are inclined to be crafty, here are a couple of whip it up quickly ideas:

  • Goodie Bag:  sewn, crocheted, or knitted
  • Sewing Kit for older child:  needle, thread, scissors, fabric in a homemade or store bought case
  • Crochet Kit:  hook and a skein of yarn, with simple directions and a few swatches of starter stitches
  • Hats: crocheted, knitted

More Shoebox-filling Makes – Quick and Otherwise – on Pinterest


A Quick Dollar, Make It Seven

The suggested $7 donation helps with the (huge) processing center and transportation costs.  Camels need to be fed and kayak paddles purchased.  Not to mention the ships, airplanes, and elephants that carry the boxes all over the world.

Think big and you’ll see what I mean about Operation Christmas Child’s processing centers.


If you’d like to know which country your shoebox goes to, you can donate online to follow your box to its final destination.  Madagascar?  Ghana?  Mongolia?


Time to Fill

With just over two weeks ‘til Shoebox Collection Week, there’s still time to fill a shoebox and make an eternal difference.


REALITY CHECK:  Thinking about – and shopping for – Operation Christmas Child year round has made such an impact on our family.  Picking up a toy, we think:  Will this be appropriate for their circumstances?  A toy boat to us is something to play with in free-flowing sparkling clean water.  But some children have to walk a mile or more to get water … to drink. And it’s not always clean.

Perspective breeds thankfulness.



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