Learning How to Hangout in Google Plus

Confused by Social Media

Invited to a Google+ Hangout?  Confused?  Intimidated?  Knowing that feeling well, I recently tested the waters with a baby toe before I leapt off the diving board in front of a crowd.  I feared a Techno Bellyflop.

Here are some tips I picked up – experientially – to help you get started hanging out on Google.


You Will Need a Google Account

I know, there are privacy issues.  Just like Facebook.  And Twitter.  And Pinterest.   And shopping online.

Each one of us needs to decide our comfort level with technology.

My comfort level vacillates and my usage of social media reflects it.  I’m not one to dive into every swimming hole every day, but when I want to give or receive social strokes, I put my swimmie floats on taking my chances there aren’t any sharks at the deep end of the pool.

Google Hangout: I feared a Techno Bellyflop

Learn with the Tube

Find a video that speaks your language.  I don’t mean your spoken language, I mean your technological one.

I tried one video that had many views, but he spoke so fast – and the info was so old – that I was lost and bewildered before I ever signed in to Google.

If you don’t grasp the first minute’s content, don’t waste your time.  Find another tutorial.

I liked this Google Hangout Tutorial.  She spoke slowly, kindly, and in an Australian accent.



Find a loving friend or family member who doesn’t mind wading through the waters of the unknown with you.

If everyone you know understands the hangout waters well, choose one who won’t make you feel like a dinosaur learning the new-fangled two step.

Feeling technologically prehistoric?


Practice Early

As soon as you get invited to the hangout, take a few minutes to learn the ropes.

If the hangout is in an hour, start practicing now.

I’m not that brave, so I tiptoed in a week ahead of time.  And I still fear hanging up accidentally.


Laugh at the Learning Curve

Speaking of accidentally hanging up, practicing with a gentle-souled friend or family member will help you laugh at the learning curve.

Thankfully, my daughter was willing to be my Google Hangout guinea-human making laughter inevitable!



Real Life Learning

Hmmm, that little list of hangout thoughts sounds a lot like the rest of our real life learning:

  • Sign Up for the Life Course
  • Choose Your Input Well
  • Practice
  • Practice Early
  • Laugh Along the Way


REALITY CHECK:  I am more comfortable posting a photo of me in a clown outfit than in attending my first Google Hangout.  Yah, I’m that nervous.  But it’s time to dive in!


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