Operation Christmas Child Countdown: One!


1 Week Til Shoebox Time!


It’s almost here!  When you are involved in something as small as a shoebox, it’s inspiring to hear the bigger picture.  Here are a few heart-bits gleaned from our area Operation Christmas Child countdown meeting:


“It’s all about giving children the Gospel, not putting things in a shoebox.”

Tom Dedricks, Area Coordinator NE Florida


“From a box to a disciple.”

Milagros Almarante, Regional Manager Florida/Puerto Rico


OCC What Area Leaders are Saying

“Each shoebox has a name because God knows each child who will receive it.”

— Milagros Almarante, Regional Manager Florida/Puerto Rico


Tips from Local Countdown Meeting

And here are a few tips, the what’s and the why’s.

Reusable shopping bags are treasured by the children.

They can carry their gifts home easily.  Some walk through difficult terrain for two hours to receive their gifts.  And when they get home, they can use the bag for many carries of this and that.

Add a photo of your family.

Shoeboxin' Family 2013


Children Enjoy the Face-to-Face Connection

(even if your hair is blowin’ in the wind)


Write a letter.

The children love to connect in words.


Include a hat and/or scarf.

Worried it’s too warm there?  They will wear it anyway – it’s like playing dress up!


Leave the chocolate out.

On occasion, some slips through the processing center inspection process.  It melts in the box.  It ruins everything in the box.  And one less child goes home with a shoebox.  🙁


Challenge of the Night:  “Make one more box than you think you can.”

It’s amazing how possible – with God – this is.  🙂


Reminder: Add Seven

Dollars, that is.  $7 takes a box around the world, by plane, by ship, by camel, by kayak, and  …  by foot.  Through tall grass.  Taller than your head.  To a village.  That is out there.  In a clearing.  Somewhere at the end of the foot path.

OCC Shoebox Delivery by Foot


REALITY CHECK:  I was so blessed by the human-ness of the local OCC meeting, everyone offering their gifts, their talents, their little bits to make a big difference.  By the grace and mercies of God.


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More Shoebox Tips and Info


  1. We love OCC! I like the tip to include a reusable shopping bag. Some years I have done that.

    • I crochet bags for boxes for the little stuff in the boxes, but never thought about a bag for the box itself. That’s the beauty of the local countdown meetings; we learn from one another. And in real life, too! 🙂

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