Operation Christmas Child: Interview with Alex, Part 1

I recently had the opportunity to hangout on Google+ with Alex Nsengimana from Rwanda, recipient of an Operation Christmas Child shoebox and recipient of the saving grace of God in Christ.

Alex's Story Operation Christmas Child

Alex is the young man, third from left, in A Simple Gift t-shirt.

Even the Washcloth Had a Smell

When Alex described what he remembered most about his shoebox gift, his smile morphed into a wide grin.

He recalled the “smells and feelings of each and every item” and “the uniquenesses of all those smells.”

“Even the washcloth had a smell.”

SHOEBOX TIP:  Wrap your bar soap in a washcloth, then tuck into a zippered plastic bag.  Can you imagine how good that washcloth will smell after traveling for awhile?


Most Joyful Moment

“It was a most joyful moment,” he shared delightedly.  Imagine Alex’s wide grin being headlights on a car, and now turn the high beams on!

He recalled “trying to figure out what a candy cane was” and being enthralled by the colors of the gifts and “even of the wrapping paper.”

The gifts gave him – and 100,000,000 other children – “something to grasp … to give hope.”


Offers Received

Just as Alex had to reach out and accept the shoebox – packed with love and gifts and prayer – that was offered to him, so he had the choice to do with the gift of God’s salvation.

Receiving God's gifts

His hands reached for a box, and his heart reached for God in Christ Jesus.  And now, he is reaching out to others.

Don’t miss the next post in this series on Alex’s story of life, death, pain and hope.  And the power of a simple gift.

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REALITY CHECK:  We are either receivers or rejecters.  There is no try.  Are we receiving God’s gifts or looking for something else under the Christmas tree?

Meet Alex: The Series


(updated 10/17)

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