Operation Christmas Child: Interview with Alex, Part 2


Alex Nsengimana received a shoebox in Rwanda from Operation Christmas Child.  Members of his family had been murdered just meters from where he stood as a child.

In this series, Alex shares his heart, his hope and his dreams for the future.  Today he answers the question:

Having lived in the United States for 10 years, what has been your most memorable experience in America?

Life moves fast!

Like Jumping on a Train

The question needed some mental sifting of his many American moments.  Alex settled quickly on this one:

“Coming to the US for the first time was – culture shock.”  Arriving in Houston, Texas, “life was moving really fast.”

Mary Rucci, from Clip With Purpose, added geographical perspective, “And that wasn’t even New York!”

Alex elaborated, “It was like jumping on a train going 100 miles an hour!”

If Texas is fast, I imagine we can all learn from Alex’s experience and slow it down a bit.  🙂


You could see his body relax when he shared the most life-changing experience here in the US.  The love of his new family, “a family that loved me.”

Although confused as a child by why they would love him, someone they didn’t even know, he now basks in that love.

And he is thankful for all the love that was shown him as he traveled with the African Children’s Choir.

And it was love shown to him that paved the way to forgiveness.


So, What Does Alex See When He Looks at America?


What Alex Sees in America

And the next time we gather at this blog, you’ll hear what Alex would like all Americans to hear.




Meet Alex: The Series

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(updated 10/17)

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