Operation Christmas Child: Interview with Alex, Part 3


“What has happened to me is nothing compared to what others have gone through.”  This is a common expression, one that we use to gain – and offer – perspective.  But when a young man who watched his family be murdered says it, well, I think we all sit a little straighter in our chairs to hear his heart.


When asked what he would like to say to America, here’s what Alex Nsengimana had to say:

“Don’t think poor guy.  See God’s power in my life.  See all that He brought me through.  See all the little details to save my life.”  –Alex Nsengimana

A Cow Patty, For Example

After his family was murdered just a meter in front of his childhood eyes, he heard shots ring out.  And he slipped.  On a cow patty.

“Had the cow patty not been there, I wouldn’t be here.”

Let’s all say:  Thank God for cow patties!

Thank God for cow patties!


Say What?


Say What?


Alex would also like to say:

“More children need to hear the gospel.  Keep sending love, passing on that love in the form of a shoebox.  Keep packing shoeboxes.  Keep packing more shoeboxes.’

“People are afraid of sending materialism.  It is not materialism you are sending.  The box is a tool to come to know Christ.” –Alex Nsengimana


Next time we meet at the watering hole, we’ll hear from Alex about forgiveness.  Was it instantaneous or a process?

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