Homeschool Retirement: A Different Kind of Fun and Games

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Greek Festival


Now that I’m retired from homeschooling with two in college, I had the impression it was going to be all fun and games from here on out.  Well, it depends on how one defines “fun and games.”  🙂

From OPA to Anaphylaxis


Shortly after this photo was taken …

Enjoying the Greek Festival

… my daughter anaphylaxed.


That was Friday night.  And we were out of town.  So we ended up at a hospital new to us.  And they helped her.  Even out of town on a cloudy evening, there was help.  That was nice.

Greek Festival


By Sunday I was zonked.  Tears were right at the welling point, and it only took a little bit to get me crying again.  A little bit of music, a little bit of love, a little bit of handholding, a little bit of … well, pretty much anything.

Church of the Greek Festival

I am so thankful for such a loving church.  So so so thankful.


While I am Being Thankful

and not just because it’s the season 🙂 …

I am thankful

      • For a lady at church a couple of years ago who said, “You need an outlet.”
      • For women in Sunday School who encouraged me that I *can* write.
      • For Maggie Hogan and the Beech Blogging Retreat team who taught me how to combine the desire with the technology.
      • For a family that understands why the laundry in the living room didn’t get folded.  Again.

Understanding Family

      • And for you, the blog readers who keep me challenged and on task.

Greek Festival Craft Fair

I’m still learning about blogging, the technical side and the what’s-important-to-write side.  I know I have much to learn, but learning and practicing keeps my mind occupied instead of crying – or snarling – because of what I can’t do.

I can't control the universe

Like control the immunological universe.


Another Thing I Can’t Control

Well, while I’m pouring my heart out, I’ve been very sad about homeschooling.  I mean, not being in the circle any more.  It’s hard to homeschool when you run out of kids.  Sometimes the homeschooling circle was very stressful, sure, but it was still a circle.


Homeschool Hangouts

Now I have opportunities to join homeschooling hangouts online, but there’s that nasty learning curve and it’s just not the same as hanging out in real life.

Hmmm, maybe I should start looking at that differently.

Looking at Things Differently

Especially now that I’ve had my first Google+ hangout and all.  And I’m listening in on my second one.  And Maggie used sticky notes to communicate when her microphone didn’t work.   Maybe learning curves are ok for grown-ups, too.

Homeschooling Isn’t Over, It’s Just Different

Homeschooling, it seems, hasn’t ended.  The class has just shrunk to a student of one:

It's Not Over

Breaking the Rule

Yah, I broke a cardinal rule of blogging: I didn’t limit this post to one subject.

Question:  Who is the Cardinal of Blogging anyway???


 REALITY CHECK:  My daughter is doing better.  She even went to her college classes today, with a wheelchair to help her carry her books and art supplies.  And herself, if needed.  And yes, I’m waiting for 5 pm when she can pop online and tell me she is doing well.  And yes, that’s probably why this post is all over the place.

College is sure different than homeschooling … especially when your Opa! goes anaphylaxic.


Greek Festival Gyros

All photos in this post were taken at Greek Festival.

For more about anaphylaxis

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