Operation Christmas Child: A Visual List of Shoebox Ideas


Lists are lovely, but sometimes it’s easier to see what one is talking about when one can see what one is talking about.  And so … a visual list of ideas for your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxing pleasure:

Baby in a Sleeping Bag

 A tiny baby in a tiny sleeping bag


OCC Shoebox Ideas

Crocheted headbands

(if you are local, let me know, I’ll make you some for shoeboxes next year!)

index cards, composition book, doll in a sleeping bag

OCC Shoebox Ideas

    Hat (homemade or storebought), soccer ball, ruler, tissues, toy truck


OCC Shoebox Ideas

Even though the pic is a bit fuzzy, I couldn’t resist –>

MATH dice – I know, right?! LOVE!

  Plastic eating utensils, wiffle ball (they come in package of 6, if I remember right), Slinky



OCC Shoebox Ideas

T-shirt, baby doll ($1 at Dollar Tree) in blanket, sewing kit,

pencils and pens in case, family photo


OCC Shoebox Ideas

A lady from church gave us money to go shopping for her to put together two boxes. 

What fun!

OCC Shoebox Ideas

Mini baby doll in crocheted bassinet, markers, Barrel of Monkeys, tissue, t-shirt

OCC Shoebox Ideas

Some shoeboxes are too big to send (see size in proportion to tissue box),

but they can be filled with fillers to fill boxes.

OCC Shoebox Ideas

Crayons, snack container, index cards, hairbrush,

washcloth and soap in zippered plastic bag.

OCC Shoebox Ideas

This box has captured my heart.  And my daughter’s heart.  For some reason.

And we may never know why.  OCC Shoebox Ideas

OCC Shoebox Ideas

Solar calculator 98 cents at Wal-Mart,

in a crocheted case for protection from the bumps of travel

Let’s see, what do you see in this box?

OCC Shoebox Ideas

Barbie Aprons Little crocheted aprons for fashion dolls, like Barbie

Lots of Fillers to Fill With

Pens, index cards, notepads of all sorts

Plastic Eggs Filled with Pencil Erasers

Pencil erasers in plastic eggs

And just for Shoeboxers,

FREE printable coloring books

designed especially for Operation Christmas Child:


Printable OCC Coloring Book


Like the little aprons?

I used a soap bottle apron pattern as my base pattern, changing it up as the mood – and yarn stash – inspired.


REALITY CHECK: I have so much fun with Operation Christmas Child, I wish I could do it all year long.  Oh wait!  I can!

Ready for next year!

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Updated Oct 2014



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  1. I love this! I’m definitely a visual person.

  2. Ooh the wiffle ball is a good idea, I will have to keep an eye out for those for our boxes next year!

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