Operation Christmas Child: A Story of Simple Gifts

Operation Christmas Child A Story of Simple Gifts


This week I’ll be highlighting favorite quotes and passages from Operation Christmas Child: A Story of Simple Gifts.   Be sure to enter the giveaway [this giveaway has ended]below for your chance to win a copy of this inspiring book by Franklin Graham.


The preface of the book is quotable itself – unusual for any book, wouldn’t you agree? – so you’ll want to get a copy.

I’ll skip ahead to page 17 where I am reminded of one of my favorite books of our homeschooling journey.

But this is real life:


“In route, they came to a derailed train that had been abandoned.  Families who had been run out of their homes by the fighting found refuge there and were living inside the box cars.”


Can you guess which book I’m thinking of?*

I wonder if anyone had a pink cup, with a chip in it.  Kind of makes ya want to put a pink cup in a shoebox, doesn’t it?

Red Caboose @SuzBroadhurst

Oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway – you can enter daily![This giveaway has ended.]

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Many thanks to Samaritan’s Purse for sharing the Story of Simple Gifts.


REALITY CHECK: Saying good-bye to an old way of life – homeschooling – is as difficult as saying hello to a new way of life is enjoyable. *The book?  The Boxcar Childrenby Gertrude Chandler Warner

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