Crochet for a Cause: Homeless Children and Babies

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We’re changing our minds about homelessness.  Will you join us?  When we think about homelessness, we don’t like to think about children being homeless.  When we do think about homeless children, we don’t like to think about babies being homeless.

When we do think about homeless babies, suddenly our hearts are ripped in two like a torn blanket.

Or a Torn Veil

God feels that way about His babies, His children, His favorite creationhumanity.  Top to bottom, God literally ripped the veil between Himself and humanity when Christ died on the cross.  All He asks of us is to believe Him.

He made a way where there was no way.

A Small Blanket, Handmade

Writing this post, I’m getting all sentimental about the Mama of the Savior, who wrapped her baby, our Hope, in His wee hours in handmade clothThe cloth was handmade for there was no other way to make a blanket back then, but by hand.

And for the time being, He was a homeless child.  He couldn’t even get a room at an inn.

Crocheters, Knitters, Quilters:  Will you make a small blanket for a homeless child?  Something pretty, something clean, something warm a mama can wrap her little one in.

Crochet for a Cause: Baby Blanket



The veil between God and man,

regardless of home-fullness or home-lessness,

has been torn in two.


Association of Gospel Rescue Missions(AGRM) homeless shelters and recovery programs, like City Rescue Mission share this truth day in, day out, holiday in, holiday out.  Warm days, and cold nights.

Mama, It's Cold! Crocheting for a Cause

LOCAL Crocheters, Knitters, Quilters and Ready-Made-Blanket Buyers

I’ll be collecting blankets for City Rescue Mission throughout the year.  Drop them by my house, or bring them to church on Sunday!

If you make them from yarn, baby-, child- or lapghan-sized seem best.  Too big = too heavy.


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REALITY CHECK:  When my children were little, my heart and mind were often wrapped around my children and their needs.  Strangers-turned-to-friends helped us through some of our darkest times.

Let’s help some mamas wrap their little ones in love.

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