While the Master is Away, the Blog has Something to Say

Shhhh!  Don’t say anything to my master, ok?  I hacked into myself.  It’s my turn to say a little something … like a self-tattoo of sorts.

During my first year of existence, my name was Where Life Meets Homeschooling.  In the second quarter of the second year, my master added the words, “… and Beyond.”

Both of her children had graduated from high school and she began experiencing something she calls, A Life.

I’m not sure what A Life is, but from the peace she is experiencing and the lack of a detailed calendar in my background, I think A Life is one of those human good things.

Well aware that I am not speaking from experience, I think she had A Life before she added those extra words to my name; it just involved more planning ahead, more pressing my h-o-m-e-s-c-l-i-n-g keys and more of something she called mental energy.

I understand the term “mental energy” but I can’t understand why it was so draining to her to expend it on simple tasks like raising children.

My memory drains, certainly, but only when someone loads too many pictures on my pages.  That someone, being my master.

She wouldn’t call herself my master, but she controls everything I do, everything I say (except this post, of course), and she even picks out the clothes I wear.

Sometimes, I do go in cahoots with my electronic buddies and make things go haywire.  Wires I know, hay I’m not so sure about, but I know it grows on farms.  It’s a word my speakers picked up and I like the sound of technology meeting the farm, so I thought I’d use it while I could. [quick glance to make sure my master is still occupied elsewhere]

It was this last batch of haywire that about sent my master over the edge and out of cyberspace for good.  But she and a host of other humans conferred and found the mischief I’d gotten myself into.

I’m all better now – for now – and I have a bit of a new look.  What do you think?  [I’m twirling, just so you know]

Uh oh, I think I hear my master coming now.  I’d better sum this post up and hit send while I can.

So … the most recent name change.

My master felt I was a little too constricted with the word “homeschooling” in my name.  Like, I was limited to curriculum and books and stuff.  It’s easy how short of a memory she has because really “homeschooling” is all about “home” in all its forms and functions.

I guess it’s easier for me to remember that because I have to begin every homeschooling search with home.

But, if it makes her feel better changing my name, who am I to complain?

I’m just a blog.

A mannequin to play dress up with.  A journal to fill with words.  A blank screen to post pictures on. An empty textbook to share life’s lessons.

So, expect my master to keep writing about home.  And beyond.

While you’re here, take a look around my place.  I enjoy having visitors.

And think of me, behind the scenes, my master’s humble – and sometimes mischievous- servant.

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