A Series of Causes


2013 ended with a cleansing of the soul and a name change.  2014 began with a God of Geography moment and a hack by my own blog.  It’s gonna be a good year.

And if not a good year, it will be a God year.  And if a God year, a good year.

Blog Series: Causes

Beginning next week, I’m beginning a blog series on causes.  And crocheting for them.

First Up: Homelessness

Nearing the end of oh-13, this blog was on the verge of experiencing the phenomena of homelessness – many bloggers gasp at the fear.

[And yes, I gasped.  And prayed.  And even cried a bit.  If I’m gonna be real, I might as well be real.]

Many humans face the phenomena daily.  The phenomena of homelessness.  They shiver in the cold like a domain without a host.  Or words without WordPress.

And so … next week … a post … a pattern … and some ideas on how to help the homeless.  The real life kind.

Until then …


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