Homelessness: Number One Thing Adults Can Do

 The Power of Home

It was a sad, sad day when I heard a group of children mock the homeless.  Why so sad?  Because the children learned it somewhere.  Most likely from adults.  And that made me sad because …

Adults should understand the Power of Home.

But in this fallen world, we don’t understand as much as we could.  I’ve been guilty of not understanding the Power of Home, even as a homeschooling parent.

Gaps: An Empty Space [                     ]

As there are gaps in education, there are gaps in our heart-ication. Sometimes those gaps are filled with misinformation. We pick up an attitude and pass it along.  We may not mean to, we may not realize we are doing it, but we do. Derision of the misunderstood is the easy route.  The negative comes naturally.

Parents, will you pray with me?

Forgive us, Father. We thank you, Father. We are thankful to have a roof over our head, a family who loves us, and we are thankful for You – God Creator Savior Yourself – who walks with us daily.   Help us remember others don’t know You want to walk with them. Help us love others as you have loved us. Help us hear Your heart so we can let our children hear words of compassion toward the homeless.  Help our children hear our prayers in the car as we pass them.  Help our children see our hands reach out to help in safe ways. Help us remember the Power of Home.

Finding the Gaps

The next time we see a homeless person, let’s check our thoughts.

  • Do our thinkings line up with God’s mercies and compassions?
  • What do our thoughts tell us about how we think God sees us?
  • How does God see homelessness?


Sharing the Struggle

And while we are thinking, let’s share our struggle with our children. They may just be thinking what we are thinking.

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  1. Marilyn Jaeger says:

    Thank you for the reminder. While I live in a very cold northern area, I hear there is still some homelessness around… it’s just not visible to most as it is in many areas of the country. Today’s post though, is a good reminder that our attitude can use adjusting in other areas of our hearts as well. Thanks!

    • The fallen world touches so much of our lives, I think sometimes we stop seeing the pain around us because we can’t handle one more ouch. Thank God for folks like you, Marilyn, that see … and *see.*

  2. This past summer I visited New York with my children. It was their first time there. We live in a city with its share of homelessness, but my son was still surprised by the number of homeless people in Time’s Square. He cried for a few blocks. When I told a friend back home about this, she asked if he was afraid. I told her no, he was overcome by sadness.

    • Oh wow, Liz, what a touching moment – or several blocks of moments. God can use a tender heart like your son’s to reach out and help. Encourage him to brainstorm ways he could get involved (safely, of course) in helping either directly or by bringing awareness of the challenge to his generation and beyond. I know of young people who got involved with helping those affected by human trafficking. It touches the youth AND the older generations. It’s a fallen world and we need every ounce of compassion God places in our hearts to help. Blessings to you and your family!

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