Why Crochet?

Why Crochet?

Slipping between crochet patterns and causes to crochet for, I thought I’d share reasons I crochet.  Maybe you’ll see yourself in the pattern, and pick up the hook, too!

Crocheting Offers Enjoyable Productivity

 Crocheting lets my brain slide to simmer

By the time evening rolls around, I’m ready for my brain to slide to simmer.  Not shut off completely, but certainly not working at high capacity.

Crocheting offers me the opportunity to enjoy the evening with the family, whether we talk or watch TV, and still be productive.  I do like to keep my hands busy.

When I Couldn’t Crochet

There was a time when intensified pain and a few surgeries (carpel tunnel in both hands and a good-type-of-cancer removed from my arm) meant I couldn’t crochet.

The Psychological Effect

Guess what I ended up doing with my hands?


Small snacks, like popcorn, chips, licorice drops.  And I bit my nails more.

You're Psychological, Mom


That’s one of our family buzz lines.  Not sure where we picked it up, but we did.  We pull it out on occasion, sharing the psychological phrase of endearment among family members, as needed.

A psychological connection probably exists between crocheting and eating, but instead of paying for a shrink to diagnose me, I just buy more yarn.

So Why Do I Crochet?

Crocheting gives me a chance to:

  • Be psychological
  • Avoid mindless snacking
  • Spend time with my family
  • Create something useful or something pretty, or something pretty and useful

Waiting for the Sun to Set

I have so many reasons why I crochet, this little step into my soul may take me all year to get through.  Which is good, because I have nearly a whole year to stay nearly off my foot.

And writing gives me something to do during the day while I wait for the sun to set so I can crochet.  🙂

One of my Homeschool Retirement goals is to be able to crochet during the day.

I’ve been so trained to keep brain busy during the day to set a good example for the children and their studies, that I’ve trained myself right out of crocheting when the sun is up.

Yah, that’s probably psychological, tooMust be time to buy more yarn …

Coming Soon …

Crocheting Pencil Cases for Operation Christmas Child

REALITY CHECK: Three out of four of us had the bug that was going around, so it’s really nice to be back in the writing saddle, sitting up in the dining room rather than huddled under covers with a netbook.  Although, that had a certain coziness, too.


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