Homeschool Retirement Update

Homeschool Retirement: From Stun Mode to Fun Mode

I’ve been crocheting like crazy this month, but it’s been awhile since I updated my homeschool retirement status.  When my daughter anaphylaxed, I went into Stun Mode, taking day by day, moment by moment, which is very good for the yarn stash.  But she’s all betters and both kiddos are doing great in college.

What a gift!

No, really.  What a gift!

Everyone was home for most of December, making the holidays full, lazy, quiet, noisy, cough drop-y, laughter-filled, stress-reduced, card-game-infused and generally a very good time all around.

I think knowing that I didn’t need to come up with a holiday-themed unit study or craft bonanza helped immensely.

We Had Time To Peacefully …


Make cookies with friends.

Cookie Making

Cookies More Cookies

Decorate the tree.

Christmas Tree

Hang Christmas cards –

Christmas Cards

and play with the settings on my new camera.  🙂

Pray for South Asia

where our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes are headed.

South Asia

And be generally goofy.

The Girlie Girl

Who us?

The Elf of the Family  Giraffe Sleep Mask

Holiday Lamp

(and the lamp stands in for the hubby, who is rarely caught on camera being goofy)

Simmering Creativity

Now that the kids are back in their college classes and the husband back to work, I have time to create all the things that were simmering in my creativity pot over the month of December.

I’m also looking forward to getting back to our Wednesday night book study with the ladies from church.

We’re reading, “Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper.  Pretty appropriate title for a sabbatical year of retirement, don’t ya think?


REALITY CHECK: <—A *new* Reality Check page is linked here. 🙂 I am much more comfortable with a group of children than a group of adults.  But I’m setting Behaving Well in Growed-Up Studies as another goal of homeschool retirement.


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